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Family Videos

(1994) 75 minutes 

�Struggle, sacrifice, dedication � that�s the only way you can grow.� The only thing Shando wants to grow is his �kabump,� because it would show that he�s a grown-up ant. Unfortunately, the daydreaming Shando learns the hard way that shortcuts are the shortest path to failure. He�ll also learn that persistence and hard work are what you need to succeed.

Scamper the Penguin
(1992) 85 minutes 

Filled with humor and adventure, watch how Scamper's courage wins him great respect among his penguin community, and he is chosen as their new leader. This film is not only fun but also educational, imparting knowledge about the ecology and wildlife in Antarctica.

The Seventh Brother
(1991) 76 minutes 

Tiny the puppy is lost in the forest after being separated from Angie and her grandfather. Tiny must be faithful, courageous and friendly to find his way home.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny
(1997) 58 minutes 

This tale tells the story of Peter Rabbit�s adventures in Mr. McGregor�s garden. Instead of gathering blackberries with his good little sisters, Peter decides to go into the forbidden garden to look for his favorite radishes and beans. Find out what valuable lesson Peter learns from his adventures.

The Tale of Samuel Whiskers or The Roly Poly Pudding
(1993) 53 minutes 

Tabitha Twitchet has lost track of her son, Tom Kitten, somewhere in the old house they inhabit. As she searches, she frets about the rats that infest the hidden reaches of the walls. Watch how Tom Kitten escapes his mother�s discipline via the dubious stratagem of entering the chimney and exploring the flues, only to be captured by the enormous old rat, Samuel Whiskers, whose wife begins the work of turning terrified Tom into a "kitten dumpling roly-poly pudding!"

The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies & Mrs. Tittle Mouse
(1998) 53 minutes 

In this exciting tale, Benjamin Bunny�s little ones are captured while napping in Mr. McGregor�s garden. Watch as Mrs. Tittlemouse comes to the rescue and learn why it is important to help others and to not judge others by their appearances.

Tiny Heroes
(1997) 76 minutes 

Good Dr. Owl, Tiny and all his forest friends return to teach us that everything has a season and a purpose. Join Tiny and his friends as they attempt a difficult rescue discovering that each of them has a unique ability, which contributes to the solution of their problem.

When Mom & Dad Break Up
Auth-Rick Hauser-32 min- 

Was it my fault? Do Mom & Dad still love me? Will I always feel bad? Nearly 45% of today's children will go through divorce-and ask questions like these. This special program uses music, dance, animation and kid-to-kid straight talk to help youngsters who feel bad, mad or sad feel a whole lot better. Recommended for ages 4-12

Willy the Sparrow
(1993) 75 minutes 

An amazing adventure teaches a young boy respect, kindness, and the value of knowledge. Willy�s new friendships help him understand that all creatures have feelings and deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.

Winnie The Pooh Discovers the Seasons
8 minutes 

Christopher Robin gives Winnie the Pooh a calendar and explains that it is a way to keep track of days, weeks, months and seasons. As the pages of the calendar turn, Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and their friends explore spring, summer, autumn and winter

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