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North Dakota State PIRC is a Parent Information and Resource Center; Funded by US Department of Education, Office of Innovation and Improvement


No Child Left Behind official website
The official federal site.
The official U.S. Department of Education website's Parents site
Focuses on information relevent to parents.


National Network of Partnership Schools
Established at Johns Hopkins University in 1996, NNPS invites schools, districts, states, and organizations to join together and use research-based approaches to organize and sustain excellent programs of family and community involvement that will increase student success in school. This website provides NNPS members with updated information, research results, and ideas for action from the NNPS staff and members across the country. The site also informs prospective members about NNPS approaches, benefits, and services.


North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
The Superintendent of Public Instruction is required to enforce all state statutes and federal regulations pertaining to the establishment and maintenance of public schools and related programs, expand the delivery options that increase educational opportunities for all North Dakota citizens, evaluate and communicate educational policy and vision to all North Dakota residents and serve as an advocate for adequate financial resources to support public education.

ND Title I Programs
Official information from the DPI site.

Title I Website for Parents
Title I information specifically for parents, from the North Dakota DPI

ND "No Child Left Behind" Information
DPI's information about No Child Left Behind for North Dakota.

ND School District Profiles
Profiles for every district in the state, including performance reports and AYP reports.

ND Education Directory
A complete guide to education information in the state, including contact information for DPI and other state agencies, contact information and statistical data for every school in the state, a list of school administrative staff, and more.

North Dakota School Websites
A directory of websites for school districts in the state.

North Dakota Parent Teacher Association
State website for the PTA