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Friendships/Relationships Books

Best Friends, Worst Enemies
by Michael Thompson, Ph.D, et al 

This book demonstrates that children's friendships begin early, in infancy, and run exceptionally deep in intensity and loyalty. As children grow, their friendships become more complex and layered but also more emotionally fraught, marked by both extraordinary intimacy and bewildering cruelty. This book brings to life the drama of childhood relationships, guiding parents to a deeper understanding of the motives and meanings of social behavior. Here you will find penetrating discussions of the differences between friendship and popularity, how boys and girls deal in unique ways with intimacy and commitment, whether all kids need a best friend, why cliques form and what you can do about them.

How I Learned To Make Friends
by Amy Z. Rowland 

Alicia, who although she is full of fun, can often be too pushy and bossy for the other children, narrates this book. Alicia learns that there are specific things that one can do to make and keep friends and she shares her "secrets" of friendship with the reader. (age 6 & up

The Search for Common Ground in Sex Education
by Ed Crawford, MA 

Author Ed Crawford addresses how society's "erosion of conscience" has left young people vulnerable to destructive choices, especially sexual activity. And, while adults debate the way sex education should be taught in public schools, Crawford laments, "... Sexual activity among our teens continues to soar. . ." Crawford identifies and describes "ten essentials" that can help young people learn "conscience equipping" skills and can be used in the public schools for designing a sex education curricula.

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