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Emotional Issues Books

50 Activities for Teaching Emotional Intelligence
by Dianne Schilling 

Research indicates that IQ contributes only about 20% to the factors that determine success. The other 80% of the factors are related to EQ�emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence impacts every area of life�health, learning, behavior and relationships. Teaching children and youth to understand, manage, and productively express their emotional intelligence pays big dividends in all areas of their lives and yours. In response to the growing EQ movement this activity guide has been developed based on the ground-breaking brain and behavioral research on emotional intelligence. Each unit includes a thematic overview, stimulating age-appropriate activities and lively discussion topics.

6 Steps to an Emotionally Intelligent Teenager
by James Windell, M.A. 

In this book, you'll learn how to teach your teen to set personal goals, identify and change self-defeating behaviors, have feelings for others, handle anger constructively, and resolve conflicts peacefully. A special section offers strategies for parenting the difficult teen.

Aarvy Aardvark Finds Hope
by Donna O'Toole 

This picture book is perfect for children, but deeply touches the hearts of adults as well. It is a moving story about loving and losing, friendship and hope. It provides a gentle and loving way to learn about the grief process and has been used at workshops to help adults feel and express their grief. (6 & up)

Anyone Can Have a Happy Child
by Jacob Azerrad, Ph.D. 

This book is an indispensable guide for parents who want to teach successful behavior that will make their children feel good about themselves.

Don't Despair on Thursdays!
by Adolph Moser, Ed.D. 

Grieving is a serious experience for everyone, including children. After the loss of a relative, or a friend, or pet, children may grieve much more intensely and much longer than many adults might suppose. The purpose of this book is to give you information about grief and to offer you ways that can help you cope with the pain the children feel. (6 & up)

Exploring Anger With Your Child
by Ilene L. Dillon, M.S.W. 

This book along with a parent guide helps your child understand their angry emotions and encourages them to release their anger and translate its energy into a more positive emotion. Grade level: K-6

Exploring Fear with your Child
by Ilene L. Dillon, M.S.W. 

This book and a parent guide helps your child understand and conquer their fear. Grade level: K-6

Exploring Grief
Enchanted Family (age 5-9)

An inter-active book which allows children to reflect on the cycle of life while completing corresponding activities.

Exploring Grief with your Child
by Ilene L. Dillon, M.S.W. 

This book along with a parent guide assists parents in their efforts to help children move through the stages to accept,process, and heal in their time of grief.

Exploring Guilt with your Child
by Ilene L. Dillon, M.S.W. 

This book along with a parent guide assists parents to provide children with the tools and information they need to translate and release guilt as it arises. Grade level: K-6

Exploring Hurt with your Child
by Ilene L. Dillon, M.S.W. 

This book along with a parent guide assists parents in their efforts to help children become confident and strong individuals who are leading happy lives that hurt feelings pass through harmlessly. Grade level: K-6

Exploring Jealousy with your Child
by Ilene L. Dillon, M.S.W. 

This book along with a parent guide helps parents be instrumental in teaching children to release jealousy easily, while improving the quality of their child's life. Grade level: K-6

Exploring Loneliness with your Child
by Ilene L. Dillon, M.S.W. 

This book along with a parent guide helps children find creative ways of spending time alone and understand that being alone is the alternative and balance to being with others. Grade level: K-6

Helping Children Handle Fear - Responsive Parenting
by Saf Lerman 

A tool for parents to guide their children through typical childhood fears and help them understand death as part of life.

Helping Children Understand and Express Feelings - Responsive Parenting
by Saf Lerman 

A look at daily ups and downs and at children's feelings about divorce and remarriage.

Listening for Feelings
by John Taylor, Ph.D. 

Shows parents how to provide an accepting arena to encourage children to "open up," convey their feelings honestly and openly.

Sad Isn't Bad: A Good Grief Guidebook
by Michaelene Mundy (ages 4-8)

A guide book for children dealing with grief.

by Philip G. Zimbardo 

This book is the result of five years' of extensive study to help you identify shyness while developing skills on how to understand your shyness.

Someone Special Died
by Joan Singleton Prestine 

A children's storybook about losing someone special. See also - Helping Children Cope with Death: A Resource Guide

Sometimes I Feel Like I Don't Have Any Friends
by Tracy Zimmerman and Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D. 

This book helps find solutions for kids who can�t make friends. Meet Mark, a fourth-grader who knows he�s not well-liked. He begins to see his shortcomings and - with the help of his parents and teacher - learns to communicate, listen and cooperate. New friends quickly follow.

The Lost Art of Listening
by Michael P. Nichols 

Nothing hurts more than the sense that people close to us aren't really listening to what we have to say. Someone talks and someone else listens - it sounds so simple that we take it for granted. But why do we often feel cut off when speaking to the people closest to us - family members, friends, or colleagues? What is it that keeps so many of us from really listening? Michael P. Nichols answers these questions and more in this thoughtful, witty, and surprisingly helpful look at the reasons people don't hear one another.

The Shy Child
by Philip G. Zimbardo and Shirley L. Radl 

The Shy Child is the only book that explores every aspect of shyness in children - its causes, its debilitating effects, and the newly discovered strategies that offer new hope for treating it successfully before it becomes a lifetime handicap.

What Can I Say?
by Kelly Osmont, MSW with Marilyn McFarlane 

Offers practical suggestions on how to help and lend support to those who are grieving.

What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies?
by Trevor Romain 

Author Trevor Romain answers questions you may wonder about in simple honest words: "Why do people have to die?" "Is the death my fault?" "What happens to the person's body?" "How can I say good-bye?" He describes the strong, confusing feelings you might have and suggests ways to feel better. He tells you it's okay to cry, talk about the death, grieve and go on with your life.

Will There Be A Lap For Me?
by Dorothy Corey 

Kyle's special place is on Mother's lap. It's just right for resting and talking and listening to stories and watching the birds. But Mother's lap is getting smaller-- there's a baby growing inside her. So Kyle waits and waits, and he wonders : will there be a lap for me? This story offers reassurance that there is indeed love enough for all.

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