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North Dakota State PIRC is a Parent Information and Resource Center; Funded by US Department of Education, Office of Innovation and Improvement

Parent Involvement Videos

Building Blocks 4: Preparing your Preschooler for Success in School
(1996) 20 minutes (Age 2-5)

Building Blocks Parenting Series (Tape 4 of 5) Objectives: To understand how a child's imagination works. To show how play and having fun are essential to learning. To explain the limitations of what should be taught to preschoolers. To explore ways to motivate children to learn. To ease preschoolers' transition into kindergarten.

Building Parent Involvement: Elementary Grades
28 minutes (Grades K-5)

With Joyce Epstein, Ph.D., Co-director, Center on Families, Communities, Schools, and Children's Learning. The John Hopkins University, and Edward T. Joynar, Director, Corner Project for Change in Education. Yale University Child Study Center. Shows two schools with fully developed programs for involving parents in student's education and creating school-family partnerships.

Communities and Schools: Getting Better Together
(2001) 12 minutes 

In this video from the Rural School and Community Trust, discover how place based education is helping small rural schools and the communities they serve improve teaching, learning and community life.

Family Education Network
7 minutes 

Connecting families, schools and communities.

Homework? I'll Do it Later!
(1987) 16 minutes 

Some kids have time for everything but homework. This video explains how to work with your child's teachers, to set rules and create an environment that encourages good homework habits, and to motivate your child to do better.

Partners for Learning: Preparing Teachers to Involve Families
(1997) 15 minutes 

Shows a live, interactive teleconference on how teachers can work more effectively with families. An edited version.

Setting Your Child Up For Success
(1989) 12 minutes 

This video shows parents how to help their children be more successful in daily situations they may encounter. By helping children anticipate events in their lives, parents who use this method are teaching the importance of planning ahead.

Successful Parenting - Taming the Homework Monster
(1997) 17 minutes 

Are you tired of the arguments, late nights, low grades, embarrassment, and tears that result from homework problems? Then this video is for you. It helps parents understand and deal with homework problems.

Take Time To Be a Family - Holding Successful Family Meetings
(1990) 13 minutes 

This video demonstrates how a weekly get-together can help improve your family's communication and planning. It explains how to use these sessions to build your children's decision-making skills and enhance their sense of responsibility.

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