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Changing Perceptions
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Discipline Videos

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A Change for the Better - Teaching Correct Behavior
(1989) 11 minutes 

Kids misbehave for lots of reasons - fear, immaturity, fatigue, etc. No matter why children misbehave, parents can take steps that will stop problem behavior and teach kids better, alternative ways to behave.

Building Blocks 2: Preschooler Discipline: Making it a Positive Experience
(1996) 20 minutes 

This video evaluates parenting styles and determines children's temperaments in order to help predict and prevent misbehavior. To provide guidelines to help avoid destructive discipline. To demonstrate the basics of good behavioral management. To train parents to communicate limits to children.

Disciplining Kids
(1997) 20 minutes 

This very practical video paints a dramatic picture of the wrong way to discipline kids and gives clear, practical ideas on a better way.

I Am Your Child - Discipline
(2000) 27 minutes 

Discipline � setting limits � is one of the most difficult challenges parents face. Dr. Brazelton, America�s foremost pediatrician, show parents that setting limits is not punishment, but a loving way to teach a child how to control his or her own behavior.

Negative Behavior: Positive Discipline
(1995) 25 minutes 

Parents often discipline their children the only way they know how - the way they were raised. Although many of the methods resulted in positive behavior, others produced less desirable outcomes. This live-action program shows parents and educators how to positively discipline children in a manner that makes the child more self-confident instead of less self-reliant.

No, I Won't and You Can't Make Me!
(1987) 13 minutes 

This video provides parents with a method to deal with children's rebellion and temper flare-ups. Dramatized vignettes show you how to improve your relationships with your children; control your own anger in the face of a youth's defiance, sarcasm, or back talk; and help an angry youngster calm down.

Positive Discipline: A Creative Alternative for Parents & Teachers
(1997) 21 minutes 

This video offers some creative alternatives to yelling and other negative punishments. Positive Discipline techniques build trust, respect, and self-esteem so that children will learn to be self-disciplined and the good behavior we want from children will just naturally follow.

Shaking, Hitting, Spanking: What to do Instead
(1995) 30 minutes 

Teaches alternatives to spanking. After each scene, the viewer is asked to turn off the video and discuss possible solutions. As the video continues, alternative strategies and techniques are presented.

Stop Struggling with Your Child
(1993) 30 minutes 

Learn how to identify and resolve conflict the easy way with practical techniques for building self-esteem and bridges with children. Viewers will meet four real families, with real problems demonstrate through interaction and role playing techniques that encourage children to solve problems, negotiate, and think and act responsibly. Includes user's guide.

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