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Activity Videos

Music Works Wonders
(2001) 22 minutes 

We've always known that music is good for your spirits. Now, scientists are finding out it's good for your brain, too. This video will encourage children to explore, create, and grow with music.

Preschool Activities: Mommy/Daddy, I'm Bored!
(1995) 20 minutes 

Learn to spend quality time with your child with games that not only draw you closer together, but also help the child learn and grow. Enriching quality time games are presented in this very useful show: household chores games, basic skills games, creative games, artistic expressing games, togetherness games, affective games, values games, etc.

Preschool Power
(1990) 30 minutes 

Demonstrates buttoning, buckling, zipping, washing hands, how to put on a jacket, cleaning up spills, making a peanut butter sandwich and simple snacks, cleaning up bedroom, caring for a pet, pouring, and setting up for a tea party.

Preschool Power 2: More Preschool Power
(1991) 30 minutes 

Demonstrates brushing teeth, flossing, shoe-tying, brushing and combing hair, shadow puppets, helping someone smaller, playing with scarves, making fruit salad, silly walks, fist puppets, tongue-twisters and putting things away.

Preschool Power 3
(1992) 30 minutes 

Demonstrates folding paper, cleaning up spills, finding things to do alone, putting on gloves, helping around the house, funny faces, making French bread, home-made bubbles, making your own fan, thrilling domino falls, mixing colors, art with beans and pasta, and how to cooperate.

Preschool Power 4
(1992) 30 minutes 

Demonstrates home-made clay, tumbling exercises, making cinnamon toast and cheese and crackers, fun with static electricity, jumping games, air and water tricks, staying clean, making an aquarium, wrapping a present, making a terrarium, floating and sinking.

Preschool Power 5: Even More Preschool Power
(1993) 30 minutes 

Demonstrates cutting paper with safety scissors, art with colored sand, making cheese biscuits, washing dishes, pet gerbils, funny sounds, learning about the shades of colors, simple yoga exercises, and more silly science tricks.

Preschool Power 6
(1994) 30 minutes 

Demonstrates orange juice from concentrate, strength of an eggshell, flower arranging, folding laundry, get up and move, pretending to be a robot, easy furniture polishing, sign language, making a star from paper, making a small Japanese rock garden, pretending to be something else, and making pastelitos from Columbia.

Preschool Power 7
(1995) 30 minutes (Age 1-6)

Demonstrates making a pi´┐Żata, ghost tricks, learning about air, making an egg stand on end, colorful flowers from coffee filters, raking up leaves, making a volcano in a bottle, slicing eggs for sandwiches, the penny trick, and grinding corn and make corn chips.

Preschool Power 8
(1995) 30 minutes (Age 1-6)

Demonstrates a special banana snack, arranging flowers, home-made drums, sweeping, braiding, musical instruments from scratch, water coloring, pretend pantomimes, making a harvest table, and art from junk.

Science Discovery for Children
(1994) 42 minutes 

Simple, fascinating science projects that can be done at home. These projects are presented in a manner designed to stimulate and hold the interest of the viewer. Great for kids home on rainy or snowed in days.

Structured Play: Gross Motor Activities for Every Day
28 minutes 

Gross-motor play is an important contributor to each child's development and can be incorporated throughout the day.

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