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North Dakota State PIRC is a Parent Information and Resource Center; Funded by US Department of Education, Office of Innovation and Improvement

Professional Development Books

These books are available for checkout to North Dakota residents only. They are not available for purchase from our site.

All the Way to the Bank - Smart Money Management For Tomorrow's Nonprofit
The Stevens Group - Financial Management Consul 

Provides practical tools and techniques to help you make the most of your financial resources.

How Smart Schools Get and Keep Community Support. Second Edition
by Susan Rovezzi Carroll and David Carroll 

This book was created to help public schools market themselves without spending precious tax dollars.

Leadership Strategies for Safe Schools
by Elizabeth A. Barton, Ph.D. 

This book addresses school safety issues through a proactive student-centered approach and examines everything from assessing school safety needs to creating and evaluating a school safety plan.

Paradigm Lost - Reclaiming America's Educational Future
by William G. Spady 

Paradigm Lost is filled with powerful and practical insights about the systemic nature of schools and the beliefs and assumptions on which they operate; the conditions of success that must be enhanced to ensure greater learning success for our students; and focused thinking, planning, and improvement strategies in their schools.

Planning for Title I Programs
by Margot Rogers 

This guide helps parents, advocates and educators implement the Title I Law with all its changes from previous versions. It explains legal requirements for participation of parents in decisions about Title I Programs. This is an excellent resource for staff development, parent training and conferences.

Promoting Social and Emotional Learning Guidelines for Educators
by M.J. Elias, J.E. Zins and others 

Fostering knowledgeable, responsible, and caring students is one of the most urgent challenges facing schools, families, and communities as we enter the 21st century. This book provides sound principles for meeting this challenge.

Successful Kindergarten Transition
by Robert C. Pianta and Marcia Kraft-Sayre 

Never returned - A smooth transition to kindergarten is an essential part of a child's early academic experience - and this guide has the field-tested methods schools need to make this happen. Ideal for preschool and kindergarten teachers, administrators, and family support specialists, this book introduces a model that has been adopted in diverse schools and communities.

Tech Prep The Next Generation
by Dan Hull and Julie Grevelle 

A valuable book for all educators. This book illustrates how to achieve high academic standards and to provide the best teaching and learning experiences for all students, preparing them for the real world of work.

Tough Love for Teachers
by Phyllis and David York and Gwen Olitsky 

Tough Love gives teachers permission to take care of themselves and guidelines on how to start a Tough Love support group.

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