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Discipline Books

Correcting Without Criticizing
by John Taylor, Ph.D. 

Learn an encouraging way to talk to children about their misbehavior by following this step-by-step guide. Included are ways to set realistic standards for children and destructive roles to avoid. This booklet helps to end the hassles and arguments that drive parents to frustration.

Creative Answers to Misbehavior
by John Taylor, Ph.D. 

Teach parents how to avoid the ignore-nag-yell-punish cycle. Included are 16 different ways to confront a child about misbehavior and 14 methods of effective disciplinary responses. Useful for parents and teachers.

Discipline with Dignity
by Richard L. Curwin and Allen N. Mendler 

Educators know that we must have safe schools. Teaching and reinforcing responsible human behavior is the core of "Discipline with Dignity." This book offers specific ways to involve students in defining classroom procedures, rules, and consequences based on values or principles compatible with learning.

Discipline Without Shouting or Spanking
by Jerry Wyckoff, Ph.D. and Barbara C. Unell 

This book offers effective, practical, nonviolent options for correcting the most common behavior problems of preschoolers. You will learn how to deal with misbehavior including temper tantrums, whining, negativity, sibling rivalry, possessiveness, aggressive behavior, resisting bedtime, playing with food, and many more problems - without shouting or spanking.

Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline
by Becky A. Bailey, Ph.D. 

You love your children, but if you're like most parents, you don't always love their behavior. But how can you guide them without resorting to less-than-optimal behavior yourself? Dr. Becky Bailey's unusual and powerful approach to parenting has made thousands of families happier and healthier. Focusing on self-control and confidence-building for both parent and child. This is a must-read book for every parent, teacher, and child-care provider.

Eating, Sleeping, and Getting Up
by Carolyn Crowder, Ph.D. 

For anyone whose child is more likely to rise and whine than rise and shine, this book restores sanity to the household with proven insights on: why nagging, reminding, coaxing, and bribing don't work in the long run; how to break the cycle of arguing, threatening , and spanking; the keys to starting a new and improved routine; specific language for ending a variety of standoffs; and more. Ages: 2-12

He Hit Me Back First!
by Eva D. Fugitt 

This activity-book lovingly guides children to self-correcting behavior. Children become aware of choice and their "wise part within" which helps them choose appropriate behaviors in all their interactions.

Pick Up Your Socks: A Practical Guide to Raising Responsible Children
by Elizabeth Crary 

Instructions on how to set reasonable limits, develop effective consequences, and encourage responsibility. Teach your children decision-making, anger management and personal safety skills.

The Person I Want To Be - Restitution Self Discipline
by Diane Gossen 

The purpose of the book is to explore if restitution is helping students and teachers. It is an attempt to help us understand some of the needs arising as people are applying control theory.

Tough Love
by Phyllis and David York and Ted Wachtel 

Tough Love teaches you to face the crisis, take a stand, demand cooperation, and meet challenges. Tough Love will help you develop new strengths so you can give your young person a sense of direction and support.

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