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Children's Story Books

A Guest is a Guest
by John Himmelman 

It's a house full of fun when Farmer Beanbucket's animals engineer a friendly takeover. Farmer Beanbucket's hospitality is pushed to the limit - and beyond - when all the yard animals come clamoring inside for the comforts of home. With a light, witty touch, the author leads readers to a silly surprise ending, which shows that turnabout is fair - and fowl - play.

A New Coat of Leaves
by Sophie Kniffke 

The cedar tree is unhappy with the way it looks and makes several wishes to change its coat of leaves. By magic, each wish comes true, but the tree finds that the new coats will not protect it against the natural dangers that surround it. In the end, the tree realizes just why its own coat of leaves suits it best of all.

And Peter Said Goodbye
by Liz Farrington 

Peter spent many happy hours with his grandpa, wandering the woods and fishing for bass. But that was before his grandfather moved to California -- before the horrible foggy day when he was hit by a car and killed. Left with a baby-sitter while his parents attended the funeral, Peter is angry and hurt. After school, Peter heads for the woods to be by himself. There he has a fantastic journey that allows him a change to say goodbye and discover his own path toward acceptance and healing. (6 & up)

Andrew's Angry Words
by Dorothea Lachner 

His big sister doesn't mean to bump him, but Andrew gets angry anyway, and shouts the ugliest bunch of angry words anyone has ever heard. He is instantly sorry, but before he can do anything, his sister shouts the words over the phone to Ted. The words continue to pass from person to person, and Andrew chases them, trying to stop them and their damage. The story ends happily, and it teaches children the importance of expressing anger appropriately. ( age 6 & up)

Baker, Baker, Cookie Maker
by Linda Hayward 

Step into Reading. Cookie Monster, cookie eater, mixes batter with his beater. Will there be any cookies left for Cookie Monster to eat? Read this funny story and find out! Ages: 3-6

Being a Bad Sport
by Joy Berry 

No one likes to be around or play with a bad sport. Learn how to be a good sport and treat others the way that you want to be treated.

Being Adopted
by Stephanie Herbert 

Adopted at six weeks old, Stephanie uses her own words and pictures to describe the love she has for her family.

Clifford's New Friends
by Norman Bridwell 

Meet Emily Elizabeth's and Clifford's new neighbors - Martha and Bruno. They both think that their dog is best.

Clifford's Pals
by Norman Bridwell 

Clifford usually waits for Emily Elizabeth in the school yard. But one day he got tired of hanging around. So he went off to play with his pals in a nearby construction site with some terrible results.

Cooper's Tale
by Ralph da Costa Nunez with Willow Schrager 

Cooper, a friendly pink mouse, becomes homeless when two fat cats and a lady in a red hat take over the cheese shop where Cooper works and lives. He is confused and sad as he looks for a place to go, until he runs into three children who, like Cooper, are homeless. The friendship that forms between them changes all of their lives in ways they never expected. Cooper's Tale is a thought provoking children's book that explores the challenges that homeless children face and provides hope for a better future.

Dinosaurs Divorce
by Laurene Krasny Brown and Marc Brown 

Teach children to cope with the issues of divorce with this popular self-help book. Dinosaurs give children the message that sometimes it�s okay for families to change.

Do I Have a Daddy?
by Jeanne Warren Lindsay 

When Erik's friend, Jennifer, gets mad at him, she taunts, "You don't have a daddy." Erik goes home and asks his mother, "Where's my daddy? Do I have a daddy?" Erik's mother explains that he, like all other children, has a daddy, but that she and his father were never married. Ages: 6-12

Do You Want to be My Friend?
by Eric Carle 

"Do you want to be my friend?" a little gray mouse asks a bushy brown tail, which turns out to belong to an unfriendly horse. The little mouse follows a trail of tails that all belong to large, unfriendly creatures - until the very last tail, which is attached to another mouse who answers "Yes." Ages: 2-4

Elvin: The Elephant Who Forgets
by Heather Snyder, Ph.D. 

A delightful children's book about Elvin the elephant that has a tree branch fall on his head! He can't count his figs anymore, gets mixed up at school and doesn't get along with his friends. A visit to the doctor helps him understand that he's not a bad little elephant..he has a brain injury. (age 5 & up)

First Little Learners Shapes and Opposites
by Richard Scarry 

Little learners will have fun learning different shapes and the meaning of opposites with the lovable characters of Richard Scarry.

First Steps
by John Burningham 

Full of fun and wonderful illustrations, First Steps offers young readers an abundance of charming examples of letters, numbers, colors, and opposites.

Follow Your Nose Baby Pluto
Grolier Books 

A Baby�s First Disney book about scents

Good-Bye, Daddy!
by Brigitte Weninger and Alan Marks 

This tender picture book helps children talk about the difficult subject of separation and divorce. After spending the day with his daddy, a young bear is sad and angry that his father has to leave. The bear comes to learn that even when a father has to live in another home, the love and the caring never go away. Ages: 4-9

Hide and Sleep
by Melanie Walsh 

It's bedtime! But Poppy doesn't want to go to bed - she's going to hide instead! Can you see her crown peeking out? Poppy tries out all sorts of hiding places until she finds one that's just right. Wherever could it be?

How a Seed Grows
by Helene J. Jordan 

Let's Read and Find Out Set. Youngsters will explore and discover the fascinating natural events happening all around them. Ages 4-6

How to be a Friend
by Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown 

Everybody needs friends. This honest, easy to read dinosaur's guide teaches human children how to find out if someone will make a good friend, how to show someone that you would like to be friends, how to settle an argument with a friend, and much more. This is a great way to talk about the importance of learning new social skills. Ages: 5-10

I Like Me!
by Nancy Carlson 

This book is an esteem-building story of a pig that is her own best friend. Need a friend? Then get to know the best friend you can have--yourself! (age 5 & up)

I Spy Little Letters
by Jean Marzollo 

This book is a terrific early introduction to reading with colorful letters and easily identifiable objects and figures found on every page. Your child will be challenged to observe, find and verbally express their discoveries.

I Wish I Had My Father
by Norma Simon 

This book will be a useful discussion piece for the ever-growing number of families headed by a single parent. Ages: 6-9

I'm Such a Big Helper
by Laura J. Cokler, Ed. D. (4 yrs)

Short story told from a 4 year old's perspective about helping out family and friends.

by Bruce Degen 

A rollicking, rhyming adventure featuring a berry-loving bear and his friend. Over bridges, under dams, and dancing in meadows, the two pick blueberries, blackberries, strawberries - every kind of berry. Ages: 2-4

Leo the Late Bloomer
by Robert Kraus 

Leo can't do anything right. The little lion can't read. He can't write. He can't draw. He can't even roar. His father is losing patience with Leo, but his mother says Leo is just a late bloomer - and guess who knows best? This delightful story will encourage and reassure youngsters. Ages: 4-6

Mimi the Selfish Kitten
by Yasunari Murakami 

Mimi the kitten is selfish and doesn't like sharing her toys. When her friends run off to play without her, Mimi is left all alone. She soon finds out that being selfish is not much fun.

Miss Bingergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten
by Joseph Slate (3-5)

A fun story for pre-school children. The children (cute animals) get ready for their first day of Kindergarten and their teacher, Miss Bindergarten, gets her classroom ready for them.

My "b" Book
by Jane Belk Moncure 

Young children will enjoy following along with "Little b" as she fills a box with items that begin only with the letter b.

Nightmares in the Mist
by Liz Farrington 

Alicia was scared. Everywhere she turned, she heard a dull roaring sound and saw the glowing eye of a monster coming toward her through a smoky, swirling mist. It had started right after her mom had left for the hospital. First, it only came after Alicia in her room, but now it might show up at any time, anywhere. She never felt safe. She wanted her mother, but she had begun to think her mom was never coming home. With the help of Mrs. Murgatroyd, Alicia faced her monster and discovered the real source of her terror. (6 & up)

Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale
by Marcus Pfister 

This inspiring sequel shows youngsters how understanding and friendship come to Rainbow Fish and the big blue whale when they talk to each other about their feelings makes an enchanting and instructive story for young children. Ages: 4-6

Rosie and Tortoise
by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks 

When Rosie's baby brother is born, he's so tiny he only weighs as much as an onion. Rosie is scared even to hold him . . . until Dad finds the perfect way to reassure her. A wise and tender book about saying hello.

Saily's Journey
by Ralph da Costa Nunez with Karina Kwok 

It is a little known fact that over one million children are homeless every night in America. Saily's Journey is a children's book that addresses the complex issues of homelessness and raises awareness about America's most vulnerable population. When Saily the Snail loses his shell in a storm, he departs on a journey to find a new home. Along the way, he meets both friends and foes as he seeks to find a place to call home.

by Peggy Gavan 

Learn about the four seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn and discover why the seasons change in this First-Start to Science Book.

by Jill Newsome & Claudio Munoz 

When her family moves to a new house, Rosy's world is turned upside down. Nothing seems right anymore. Her new neighborhood is strange; her room looks spooky at night; and she doesn't know anyone at school. Then one snowy day Rosy makes a very special new friend - and discovers that her new world is not so scary after all!


This playful book teaches the basic shapes using simple rhymes and pictures of familiar items to capture a child's attention.

Tanya and the Green-Eyed Monster
by Liz Farrington 

Tanya is a tomboy and is tired of hearing her little sister praised for playing so quietly with her dolls and for staying so neat and clean. Their mother says Tanya has a green-eyed monster inside her, and Tany wishes she did so it could chase her little sister right out of her life. Tanya sets out to find the monster and soon discovers she isn't the only person with a green-eyed monster and that she can learn to tame it. (6 & up)

Teeth Are Not For Biting
by Elizabeth Verdick 

Sooner or later, almost all young children bite someone. Teeth Are Not for Biting tells the truth about teeth: Ouch! Biting hurts. Simple words and charming pictures invite even the youngest child to discover better ways to cope with frustration, mouth pain, or mad, sad, or cranky feelings. Why? Because teeth are for smiling

Thank You, Mr. Falker
by Patricia Polacco 

A book about a young girl's yearning to learn to read because of her family's love of learning, discovers that letters in books seem to be all wiggling shaped. As she progresses through school, her classmates scorn her ad dumb until the Fifth Grade when she is blessed with a wonderful teacher, Mr. Falker. Based on the authors own bleak difficulties in elementary school. (age 6 & up)

The Affirmation Web
by Lori Lite 

Increase self-esteem and empower children to be the best they can be. Written for children 5-11, this book tells the story of a child who encounters an enchanting group of forest animals. The animals show her "just how special life can be" as they weave a sparkling web of confidence and wellness. (ages 5-11)

The Bear Who Lost His Sleep
by Jessica Lamb-Shapiro 

Benjamin was a bear who worried too much. In fact, he worried so much that he couldn't even fall asleep when it was time to hibernate for the winter. This engaging storybook shows children how reasoning things out can help them reduce their anxiety and their need to be perfect. Ages: 4-8

The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Dream
by Stan & Jan Berenstain 

Some dreams make cubs laugh. Some dreams make them cry. It�s interesting to think about what they dream and why.

The Berenstain Bears and the Blame Game
by Stan & Jan Berenstain 

Learn how Brother and Sister Bear put a stop to the blame game and learn how to start solving their problems.

The Berenstain Bears and the Bully
by Stan & Jan Berenstain 

A story about how Sister Bear handles and later understands a bully in her school.

The Berenstain Bears and the Truth
by Stan & Jan Berenstain 

The Berenstain cubs learn a very important lesson about telling the truth.

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Teasing
by Stan & Jan Berenstain 

Brother and Sister Bear agree on many things but teasing was not one of them.

The Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight
by Stan & Jan Berenstain 

Find out how Brother and Sister make up after a stormy fight.

The Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies
by Stan & Jan Berenstain 

Learn how Brother and Sister Bear got rid of a bad case of the galloping greedy gimmies.

The Berenstain Bears Learn about Strangers
by Stan & Jan Berenstain 

Learn Brother and Sister Bear�s rules for handling strangers.

The Berenstain Bears No Girls Allowed
by Stan & Jan Berenstain 

In this story, we learn what changed the He Bears minds to "WELCOME" the She Bears in their "Bear Country Boys Club."

The Berenstain Bears Trouble with Friends
by Stan & Jan Berenstain 

In this story, Sister Bear learns about making friends and the secret of compromise.

The Dragon Who Couldn't Breathe Fire
by Nicoletta Costa 

A little dragon feels sad because he can't breathe fire like other dragons. He runs away from home in search of the secret of breathing fire. A friendly witch tries to help him with her magic spells, but somehow they never turn out quite right. In the end, the dragon finds out that being different can be fun.

The Giving Tree
by Shel Silverstein 

This story touches children and adults alike with its telling messages about generosity and sharing. "Charming and very moving, this classic carries messages of grown-up truth," says the Los Angeles Times.

The Heart of Winter
by Kozo Shimizu 

One dark night a stranger knocks at the door of a kind hearted old lady and asks her to help save his sick child. The old lady sets out into the snowy night without thinking of herself or her own hardship. Later, when the child is cured, the old lady finds that helping others can bring its own rewards.

The Hyena Who Lost Her Laugh
by Jessica Lamb-Shapiro 

Hillary had always been a very popular hyena. Everyone loved to hear her laugh. But then a string of difficult events happened and Hillary wasn�t laughing anymore. In the book Hillary learns the secret of optimistic thinking, changing her attitude, her behavior, and restoring her laugh.

The Lion Who Lost His Roar
by Marcia Shoshana Nass 

Louie the Lion was known to all as the fearless king of the jungle. Each morning he woke the jungle animals with his mighty roar. But one day he lost his courage when he had to play the piano and sing in public. The techniques that helped him overcome his stage fright will help all children deal with common fears.

The Lovables
by Diane Loomans 

By using the magical words, �I Am Lovable�, the gates to the Kingdom of Self-Esteem swing open for readers of all ages. (age 6 & up)

The Penguin Who Lost Her Cool
by Marla Sobel 

Penelope Penguin is a good student, a great diver, and a terrific friend. But she frequently gets angry and can�t seem to control her temper. In this book, Penelope learns new anger control techniques, which help her control her temper, achieve her goals, and keep her friends.

The Rainbow Fields
by Liz Farrington 

Lucy is lonely when she moves to a new school and has to leave her dog behind, but with the aid of Mrs. Murgatroyd's magical paints, Lucy sees how some creatures enjoy being alone. (6 & up)

The Saddest Time
by Norma Simon 

The three compassionate scenarios in this warm book provide a range of starting points for talking to children about death. Tells of the death of an uncle, a classmate and a grandparent in a way that is not frightening to young readers. (6 & up)

The Teddy Bear A B C
DK Learning 

Teddy bears play the alphabet game. From A to Z, each one has a name. Rhyming verses, familiar objects, and close-up photographs of adorable bears make this a charming introduction to the alphabet for the very young.

This is Me
by Richard Scarry 

What a wonderful person I am! Look what I can do.

by Siobhan Dodds 

Tilly is talking on the telephone. Is she talking to Teddy, to Giraffe, or . . . to Mommy? See if you can guess? This Toddler friendly book is for every toddler who loves playing telephone.

Voyage to Shelter Cove
by Ralph da Costa Nunez with Jesse Andrews Ellison 

This book tells the story of how Serena, Herman, Pedro, and Penelope find friends, solace, and sea kelp at Shelter Cove after the destruction of their coral reef. Voyage to Shelter Cove is the fourth in our series of children's books designed to introduce school-age children to issues surrounding family homelessness.

Welcoming Babies
by Margy Burns Knight 

A vibrant and tender celebration of life and diversity. Explore the welcoming of babies from all over the world. Beautiful, respectful illustrations. A glossary provides background information.

What About Me?
by Helen Stephens 

Katy's cat, Arthur, is new and he needs some friends, so everyone plays with him. But Charlie cat isn't happy. "Arthur gets all the attention around here. What about me?" A story for every child who insists on being the center of attention.

What Kind of Family Is This?
by Barbara Seuling 

When divorced parents remarry and join two families together, children often have fears about what their new family will be like. When the lines of communication are open, you can identify the problems and go about solving them together--as a family. (6 & up)

What's Heaven?
by Maria Shriver 

"What's Heaven?" is a gentle narrative following the conversations that pass between a mother and a young daughter in the days immediately following the death of the child's special great-grandmother. Initially, young Kate's concern is with the obvious change in her mother. Quickly, one question leads to another.

What's the Time?
by Lara Tankel 

Tick Tock. Watch the clock. "In What's the Time?" young children can discover how the hours of a day are linked to their daily schedule and take the first step in learning to tell time.

When Mama Comes Home Tonight
by Eileen Spinelli 

Using gentle rhyming lines to describe the happiest time of the day - when mother returns from work. This book will soothe a child's fear of separation and bring sweet dreams to every little listener. The child's long wait is forgotten in the warmth of her hugs and kisses. Ages: 2-4

When Mom and Dad Divorce

With compassionate but realistic guidance, reassures children that divorce is not their fault, and that they will always be loved and cared for. Offers tips for working through tricky feelings and working out sticky problems, such as loyalty conflicts and schedule confusion. This book's enchanting elfin illustrations and thoughtful insights make it an excellent tool to help a child explore and express feelings about divorce.

Who Took My Strawberries
by Arlina Cavo 

A selfish farmer is too greedy to share any of his strawberries with the birds or the children of his village. But when his crop of strawberries accidentally finds its way into the mouths of the animals, birds and people of the community, he discovers why sharing can be a lot of fun.

Who's Afraid of the Dark
Crosby Bonsall 

Every night at bedtime, Stella the dog shakes and shivers. She sees scary shapes and hears scary noises. Stella is afraid of the dark! At least that's what her owner says. But that might not be the whole story.

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