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North Dakota State PIRC is a Parent Information and Resource Center; Funded by US Department of Education, Office of Innovation and Improvement

Crisis Management & Prevention/Safety Books

Adolescent Suicide
by William G. Kirk 

This book provides the information required to accurately identify potentially suicidal adolescents and provides the skills necessary for appropriate and effective intervention.

It's My Body
by Lory Freeman 

This book provides children with an assertive stance for control of their own bodies and feelings, and helps prepare children for appropriate responses to physical assault. Spanish title "Mi Cuerpo Es Mio. (age 6 & up)

Loving Touches
by Freeman/Deach 

Children need a loving environment, which both reinforces the importance of nurturing touches and teaches them to resist uncomfortable touch. (age 6 & up)

No Dress Rehearsal
by Marilyn Stoll 

This booklet teaches your latchkey kids the 3 C's - Cool, Calm, & Casual and the courage to make the right decisions when faced with a stranger on the phone or at the door. Ages: 9-10

Sesame Street - Fire Safety Station
Children's Television Workshop 

This activity book and the accompanying cassette provide songs and stories to help educators reach preschoolers with simple, memorable fire safety messages.

Something Happened and I'm Scared to Tell
by Patricia Kehoe 

Written for the very young child, (age 3-7), who is a suspected victim of sexual or physical abuse. Encourages an abused child to talk to someone safe about what happened. (ages 3-7)

Street Gang Awareness
By Steven L. Sachs 

This book attempts to demystify gang behavior by exposing its secret system of signs and symbols. It not only helps readers determine if a child is involved in a gang, but also offers a range of practical, effective strategies to help protect children and communities from this terrifying menace.

Trouble With Secrets, The
by Karen Johnson 

Purpose is to help children understand the difference between secrets to be kept and those that are not. Easy to understand. (all ages)

What Should You Do When...?
by Amy C. Bahr 

The essential lesson of this book is that children can say no, even to an adult. (all ages)

Who is a Stranger and What Should I Do?
by Linda Walvoord Girard 

Most kids know not to talk to strangers, but this book takes the idea further by explaining about "kind" strangers, the stranger who is not a child�s friend, strangers in public places, "doorbell" strangers, and others. Includes 10 "what if?" situations and topics for discussion.

You Can Say No
by Beverly Boegehold 

Presents short, frank stories about children who did the right thing when approached by an adult who became too friendly. An informed child is a prepared child. (age 6 & up)

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