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Activity Books

101 Easy Wacky Crazy Activities for Young Children
by Carole H. Dibble and Kathy H. Lee 

101 ideas guaranteed to prevent bored children! Written by two experienced teachers, this collection of open-ended ideas is a book both teachers and parents will want to keep handy. Grade level: K-2

125 Brain Games for Babies
by Jackie Silberg 

Create the brain connections needed for future learning, all while having fun! "125 Brain Games for Babies" is packed with everyday games, songs, and other opportunities to contribute to the brain development of children from birth through 12 months.

365 Afterschool Activities: TV-Free Fun For Kids 6 years and up
by Sheila Ellison and Judith Gray 

You've got to keep those school-agers busy! Hundreds of original ideas that will chase boredom away. Lots of nifty fun.

365 Days of Baby Love
by Sheila Ellison and Susan Ferdinandi (0-2 yrs)

This book will give you ideas of ways to spend magical time together. Included are sections on floor time, language and sound, nature, art, music, movement, family growth, grandparenting, parks and recreation, waterplay, siblings, baby�s room, and everyday toys. Each section has infant-appropriate activities, and progresses up to 2 year olds.

365 Ways to a Smarter Preschooler
by Marilee Robin Burton and Susan G. MacDonald 

Children are anxious and eager to learn - you can provide a wealth of entertaining activities that will enable your child to do just that. Developed by experts in early education, 365 Ways to a Smarter Preschooler has hundreds of activities that will ignite the sparks of curiosity and give your child a head start in school. Introduce reading, math, art, science, and more through lively, imaginative play.

50 Nifty Things to do After School
by Beth Kneeland Pickett 

Features 50+ innovative projects kids can do. Activities include Liquid Rainbow, DJ for a Day, Pine Needle Boots and more. Descriptions have materials list, directions, and ideas for more activities. Ages: 8-12.

Art for All Seasons: Simple, Fun Projects for Seasons and Holidays
by Susie Alexander 

Projects range from simple to challenging, tidy to messy, and familiar to unique. This book has been awarded the National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval. Ages: 5-10

Baby Play & Learn
by Penny Warner 

This book is filled with 160 games and learning activities for the first three years of your baby's life.

Best of Totline Volume 3
by Gayle Bittinger (Ages 2-5)

This teacher�s resource has cross-curricular activities, developmentally appropriate hands on learning, includes thematic teaching units, and promotes language development. Inside you will find an amazing selection of activities, rhymes, games, music and more taken from the pages of Totline magazine. You will find everything from animals to weather to the five senses.

Child's Play 6-12: 160 Instant Activities, Crafts, & Science Projects
by Leslie Hamilton 

These projects are sure to please those energetic school-agers with easy to find materials. Make a barometer out of a balloon, test for vitamin C, and create a costume. Involve school-agers in activities made for them - not for the "little kids!"

Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins - Mathematics
by Carol Sue Fromboluti (ages 2-5)

The activities in this booklet are designed to promote the learning and development of the "whole child." In other words, they don't just focus on developing mathematics in young children. Instead, these are sets of activities that provide young children with experiences that will help to get them ready for kindergarten. These activities build language skills, increase thinking and problem-solving abilities, develop social skills, promote large and small muscle development, and increase general knowledge.

Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins Geography
by Carol Sue Fromboluti (2-5 yrs)

With this book we hope you as parents will get ideas that will use your children's play to help them learn more geography--the study of the Earth and its human, animal, and plant population. Most of the suggestions in this book are geared to children from 2 to 5 years of age.

Eentsy, Weentsy Spider - Fingerplays and Action Rhymes
by J. Cole & S. Calmenson 

Sing them! Say them! Act them out! 40 fingerplays and action rhymes that reflect a child's world. Clear, playful illustrations make learning easy. Musical arrangements included. Ages: 3-8.

Everybody Wins - 393 Non Competitive Games for Young Children
by Jeffrey Sobel 

Enjoy having over 300 fun, interesting and noncompetitive games. The games require little equipment and are easily adaptable to a variety of situations. There are word games, passive games, and active games, all with the common thread of sharing and cooperation. Ages: 3-10

Everyday Discoveries: Amazingly Easy Science and Math Activities Using Stuff You Already Have
by Sharon MacDonald 

Everyday Discoveries: Amazingly Easy Science and Math Activities Using Stuff You Already Have is packed with self-directed science activities that build in math as a natural part of the scientific approach: observation and measurement. The book answers the questions of how, why, and what-happens-next as the scientific process unfolds as the children work. The book is a reliable reference for childcare centers, preschool programs, and early primary-grade classrooms. It shows how easily and naturally children can learn to make observations and measure results. Since they already make lots of observations, adding the component of measurement is a natural extension. Science and math really are embedded in most of the things you are doing in your classrooms already.

First Time Circle Time
by Cynthia Holley and Jane Walkup 

Circle Time fun for the whole year! Includes 52 themes, with songs, finger plays, recipes, arts and craft projects. Movement, reading, and sharing activities. Kids will love Bashful Bears, Amazing Airplanes, and more! Grade level: Preschool

Folder Game Festival for Preschool and Kindergarten
by Elaine Commins 

Over 60 games and projects using file folders. Illustrated with directions for preparation and classroom use. Activities include art, language, math, science, and social studies. Good for early morning and late afternoon hours. Preschool - K

Game for a Game?
by Robynne Eagan 

Game for a Game? shares the special secrets, folklore, lingo, hand signs, rhymes and rules of all sorts of games from the school yard to street, from the playroom to classroom. With some kids, chalk, a jump rope, marbles, jacks, and a ball, the fun in this book is yours! Grade level: K-4

Giant Encyclopedia of Circle Time and Group Activities For Children 3 to 6, The
by Kathy Charner 

Enrich sharing and circle time with this giant book of ideas. More than 600 activities on topics like nature and science, birds, and animals, beaches and oceans, family and friends, and health and safety. Descriptions include directions, list of materials, stories and songs. Ages: 3-6

Giant Encyclopedia of Theme Activities for Children 2 to 5, The
Gryphon House 

The result of a nationwide competition, this exciting book covers 48 themes, with teacher-developed activities to enthrall children as they learn. And you have the confidence of knowing that these activities have been tested by teachers and children. Ages: 2-5

Help I'm Bored!
by Janine Lynn 

Over 300 children's activities for 2-12.

I Believe in Unicorns
by Bob Stanish 

The book offers creative ways to explore feeling, as well as thinking, because the author's experience has convinced him that knowledge grows more vigorously, and is employed most meaningfully, when combined with human sensitivity. Grade level: 3-6

Indoor Games that Teach - Activities For Learning and Fun
by Robynne Eagan 

In this resource you will learn new games to motivate young learners, bring subject matter to life and keep children active - even indoors. Grade level: K-4

Instant File-Folder Games for Math
by Linda Ward Beech (Gr 1-3)

Five in a Hive, Apple Adding, Math to the Moon--these kid-pleasing games are easy to assemble, fun to play, and a snap to store! Just photocopy the game boards, glue them inside file folders, and students will be ready and motivated to play these engaging games that build key math skills. Games are geared to the NCTM standards and reinforce adding, subtracting, place value, shapes, time, and more. Perfect for learning centers!

Instant File-Folder Games for Reading
by Marilyn Myers Burch (Gr 1-3)

Build key reading skills with kid-pleasing games that are easy to assemble, fun to play, and a snap to store. Just photocopy the game boards, glue them inside file folders, and your students will be ready for independent learning fun! Games reinforce word families, long and short vowels, consonant sounds, compound words, parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms, and more.

Joyful Play with Toddlers
by Sandi Dexter 

Joyful Play with Toddlers: Recipes for Fun with Odds and Ends is full of practical ideas for toddler play and learning. This book is for any parent, teacher or child care worker to use as a resource to create hours of fun for toddlers. Ages: 2-3

Jumpin' Jake Settles Down
by Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D. 

There are many ways that impulsive children can learn to "settle down" and improve their work habits, and Jumpin' Jake knows them all. This hilariously illustrated story tells how Jake changed from an itchin-kind-of-frog to a responsible, thinkin' kind of frog. (6 & up)

Kids' Crazy Art Concoctions
by Jill Frankel Hauser 

Squish, squash, mush and mash! With this book children will mix up the most fascinating paints, doughs, pastes, and unbelievable special papers - making fun and funky art while they're at it! Ages: 5-10

Learning to Play, Playing to Learn
by Charlie Steffens & Spencer Gorin 

This book offers over 60 games for children to play while teaching them a skill as they have fun. It also includes tips on teaching children to play safely and fairly while having fun. Grade level: K-6

Making Make-Believe
by MaryAnn F. Kohl 

Unlock the imaginations of young children! Making Make-Believe offers storybook play, games, cooking, mini-plays, dress-up costumes and masks, imagination spaces, puppet ideas, and more to enrich children�s imaginative play. Grade level: PreK-2

Mensa Book of Puzzle Challenges
by Robert Allen & Carolyn Skitt 

Exercise your brain cells with this entertaining collection of 200 puzzles. Progress from simple tests to more challenging brain-teasers. Choose from word games, number puzzles, codes, or logic problems. Ages: 9-13

Mind Sparklers
by Robert E. Myers, Ed.D. 

A mind sparkler is an exciting activity that challenges your students to develop their creative thinking skills. Each activity is correlated to a specific discipline of study (i.e., language arts, social studies). Grade level: 4-8

More Than Moccasins: A Kid's Activity Guide to Traditional North American Indian Life
by Jurie Carlson 

Teachers love this book. Create projects for kids that make history and culture come alive. It is full of super simple ways that kids can learn and have fun at the same time. (parents & professionals)

Mother Goose and Friends: A Number Activity Book
by Becky Daniel 

Teaching numbers and counting will be fun with the familiar nursery rhymes and activities in Mother Goose and Friends. There are units for the numbers 0 through 12, fractions � and �, telling time, money and measurement. Grade level: PreK-3

Mother Goose and Friends: An Alphabet Activity Book
by Becky Daniel 

You and your students will enjoy using the familiar and well-loved rhymes of Mother goose to learn the shapes and sounds of the letters of the alphabet. Grade level: PreK-3

Native American Tales and Activities
by Mari Lu Robbins 

Delight children with over 30 Native American tales. Then enrich each story with creative activities. This book has been awarded the National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval. Grade level: K-3

Picture Book Activities
by Trish Kuffner 

This book helps preschoolers discover how much fun it is to read. Trish Kuffner shows parents how to make fifty favorite picture books come alive for children by providing a variety of activities that tie into the themes, characters, and plots of the books.

Play With Big Boxes
by Liz and Dick Wilmes 

Why fill your trash with boxes that children are eager to use? Includes 75+ projects that use boxes to enrich play. Build a walk-along vehicle or activity booths that develop children's skills. Create a zoo or farm. Paint a giant mural at the playground fence. Grade level: Preschool

Play With Small Boxes
by Liz and Dick Wilmes 

If your children think small boxes are wonderful, this book is for you! Includes 100+ activities to support language development, active play, and creativity. Create sun crayons, box frames, scoops, hanging funnels and sieves. A book that's sure to please. Grade level: Preschool

Playing Smart
by Susan K. Perry, Ph.D. 

This new edition of a family favorite offers hundreds of activities that promote creative thinking, laughter, learning and loving relationships. Updated resources and family-friendly Web sites help point the way toward more adventures.

Preschool Arts and Crafts
by Grace Jasmine 

The activities in this book provide a wealth of enriching, hands-on experiences for children. Ages: 3-6

Quick & Fun Learning Activities for 1 Year Olds
by Marla Pender McGhee 

Activities for the following topics are included in the book: Art Projects, Game Time, Music and Movement, Fun with Language, The World of Make Believe, Outdoor Fun, and Away from Home.

Quick & Fun Learning Activities for 2 Year Olds
by Ina Massler Levin, M.A. & Michael H. Levin, M.A 

Activities for the following topics are included in the book: Inside the House, In the Yard, Music and Movement, Water Play, Making Messes, Getting Through the lines, Reading, and Let�s Pretend.

Quick & Fun Learning Activities for 4 Year Olds
by Marla Pender McGhee 

Activities for the following topics are included in the book: Fun with Cooking, Bedtime and Bathtime, Art Projects, Sensory Motor Games, Nature Activities, Fun Away from Home and Make Believe Fun.

Quick & Fun Learning Activities for 5 Year Olds
by Julia Jasmine, M.A. 

Activities for the following topics are included in the book: In the Morning, At-Home Days, Out and About Days, Errands and Excursions, and In the Evening.

Quick & Fun Learning Activities for Babies
by Ina Massler Levin, M.A. & Michael H. Levin, M.A 

Activities for the following topics are included in the book: Music and Movement, Learning Language, Playing Games, The Great Outdoors, In the House and Special Occasions.

Read It! Play It! With Babies and Toddlers
by Joanne Oppenheim and Stephanie Oppenheim (0 - 3)

Read It! Play It! With Babies and Toddlers introduces new parents to the power of books, songs, stories and play at this crucial time in a child's development. The easy to follow format provides the resources, games and activities that all new parents need to have at their fingertips.

Ready, Set, Read!
by Dr. Jean R. Feldman (PreK-1)

Help students explore their natural curiosities, become excited about reading, and develop those tools necessary to become good readers with Dr. Jean's activity-packed book. You'll especially like Jean's teacher tips, and you will appreciate the current educational research and resource section she includes. You and your students will love the more than 100 fun, creative, step-by-step activities that utilize various skills, including visual, auditory, oral, and hand-eye coordination. Jean has even included activities that parents and children can do together! You will want to learn how to read all over again with Ready, Set, Read!

Simple Cooking Fun
by Sharon Draznin 

Start with a children's story. Add ingredients, mix with step-by-step directions, and cook up some fun. This book has been awarded the National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval. Ages: 6-12

Simple Science Fun: Hands-On Science Made Easy
by Evan Forbes, Janet Hale, and Cindy Christianson 

Introduce children to science with over 50 amazing, exciting, and intellectually stimulating activities. This book has been awarded the National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval. Ages: 6-12

Star Power for Preschoolers: Learning Life Skills Through Physical Play
by Andrew Oser 

Children on the move learn from these 60+ movement activities. They develop life success skills: concentration, relaxation, cooperation, imagination, and self-esteem. Clear directions and helpful illustrations. Ages: 3-6

Start Smart
by Pam Schiller 

Early experiences contribute to the future capacity of the brain. Start Smart offers simple, ways to boost brain power with active exploration, repetition, sensory exploration, and direct experience. Ages: Birth-1

Table Talk
by Steve & Ruth Bennett 

365 easy and creative family-centered activities that will help make the evening meal what it should be - the high point of your family's day. Ages: 6-13

Tangling with Toddlers
by Mary Lou Kinney & Patricia Witt Ahrens 

Tangling with Toddlers offers age-appropriate �hands-on� activities that help toddlers learn by imitation, repetition, and interaction with others. Ages: 2-3

The Five Minute Parent
by Deborah Shelton 

This book turns five minutes together with your into a treasury of new experiences neither of you will ever forget. This is not about keeping your child busy while you do something else. It's for anyone who wants to build strong bonds with their child - and have fun doing it!

The Preschooler's Busy Book
by Trish Kuffner (Ages: 3-6)

This book contains 365 activities using things found around the home. It shows parents and daycare providers how to prevent boredom during even the longest stretches of bad weather. Also shows you how to save money by making your own art and craft supplies. Ages: 3-6

The Toddler's Busy Book
by Trish Kuffner 

This book contains activities for toddlers using things found around the house. It shows parents and daycare providers how to prevent boredom during even the longest stretches of bad weather, with ideas for indoor play, kitchen activities, and other arts and crafts projects. Also shows you how to save money by making your own art and craft supplies. Ages: 2-3

The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions
by John E. Thomas & Danita Pagel 

Together, the authors have pulled together the cream of the crop of potions, clays, and all-around weird swills for the pleasure of children and scientists of all ages. Why not introduce the very youngest artist of the house to the world of art with Pudding' Paint? Is there a geologist in the house? Make an Instant Volcano--begins with a fizz, then erupts in a bubbling flow of lava. Time for a bath? Try Bathtub Finger Paints--bathers and the tub will get clean at the same time! These truly amazing concoctions are not mess-free, but they guarantee hours of absorbed, lively, creative fun, and inspiration for a lifetime of imaginative endeavors. Grade level: K-6

The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions 2
by John E. & Danita Thomas 

If you liked the first Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions, and you want more gooey things to do with your child, this book is for you! With yet another 60 plus ideas to educate and entertain, indoors and out, this book is great for giving kids something to do that isn't TV or Nintendo. Grade level: K-6

Transition Magician for Families
by Ruth Chvojicek 

This book was written to help early childhood teachers support the families in their programs. It features dozens of activities for both home and away.

Transition Time Let's Do Something Different
by Jean Feldman 

Learn how to make transitions smooth, meaningful, and fun for children. Learn how to "bridge" periods of time, and capture children's interest with activities, finger plays, songs, and games. Tips for planning for transitions during every part of the day, plus a planning guide, are included.

Wow! I'm Reading!
by Jill Frankel Hauser 

It's never too soon to raise a reader. Research confirms that children who start out ahead, stay ahead. Every kid who loves to talk, scribble 'messages', or look at pictures is ready to learn. Here are more than 50 engaging activities, based on proven techniques from a teacher who knows, that effectively teach young children to read. Guarantee a head start on phonics by developing phonemic awareness. Build this critical sense of sounds within words through fun rhymes, songs, and games. Help kids master the alphabet with sensory-rich activities that help them remember every letter and sound. Empower kids with phonics skills. They'll play games that blend letter sounds into words -- and really read. Tune kids into the exciting world of print with books, cards, and literacy crafts they create themselves.

Writing Down The Days

Here's a year's worth of alternatives-fresh, interesting, and fun. Each day's entry starts with a fact-filled introduction so young writers learn something new. Each features a person, place, or event that gives special meaning to that calendar day. And each proves that writing doesn't have to be dreary or dull

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