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Changing Perceptions
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Before It's Too Late
(2000) 9 minutes 

This video highlights the report of the National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching for the 21st Century emphasizing that good teaching is key to improved student achievement and recommends three goals and corresponding action strategies that focus on improving the knowledge and skills of current science and mathematics teachers.

Building a Quality School: A Matter of Responsibility
(1998) 34 minutes 

Dr. Glasser is joined by Kate Mentley, Principal of Huntington Woods Elementary School in Wyoming, MI, the first designated Quality School in the nation. Observe first hand how Dr. Glasser's ideas are put into practice in classrooms and on a school-wide basis. This revised edition provides the viewer with the latest information on how the punishment/reward system used in schools has lead to failure. Choice Theory provides students and teachers with the means to bring about a school environment which is driven by quality.

Evaluating Preschool Education
(1997) 25 minutes 

In an exhaustive study, a program in Michigan similar to the Head Start program offers some surprising statistics about whether preschool programs really provide the educational advantages their proponents claim. A good resource for professionals.

Foster Care
(1998) 24 minutes 

This program provides a profile of the foster care system through the eyes of three children, their parents, social workers, and the judges who handle their cases. Social workers offer insights into the placement process. One judge explains the legal aspects of foster placement and a second defends foster care as the best alternative for children in hazardous circumstances.

Implementing Performance Based Education
(1998) 35 minutes 

The tape explains that Performance-Based Education (PBE) is a teaching and learning system that requires students to demonstrate their learning and that PBE is one way that school systems can achieve standards and benchmarks. The viewer will observe a workshop taking place in the Washington, DC Public Schools, where educators are creating performance-based tasks and aligning them to district standards. After the workshop, one of the teachers is followed into her classroom to see how the performance tasks are being implemented.

Is America # One?
(2001) 42 minutes 

Is America #One? compares the quality of life in the U.S. with the rest of the world, and considers reasons for the disparity in prosperity. Stossel measures the cultural and economic freedom around the globe, using New York City, Hong Kong and Calcutta as his prime examples. Includes interviews with economists, authors, political commentators and immigrants.

National Reading Panel: Teaching Children to Read
(2000) 20 minutes 

This video addresses issues and general findings in child reading instruction.

Painting a Positive Picture: Proactive Behavior Management
28 minutes 

Classroom management is every teacher's concern. This video shows how adults can help children manage their behavior in an encouraging and positive manner while supporting each child's self-esteem.

Restitution for Teens: Restitution in the High School
46 minutes 

This video focuses on helping youth move from fear of consequences to building beliefs together. It shows schools can work with students to move from external to internal motivation. Teresa Rosen, Assistant Principal from Richfield Senior High along with other high school teachers and students share their stories about using Restitution in their quality school.

Restitution for Teens: Restitution Role Playing
45 minutes 

This video presents counseling examples of how one can learn to weave between the monitor and the manager to build self discipline. Diane Gossen teaches the restitution triangle. Specific questions for restitution are illustrated by role plays.

Restitution for Teens: Restoring Our Youth
44 minutes 

This video deals with moving at risk students from destitution to restitution, from discomforting them to strengthening them. Probation officers, teachers, and police liaison officers share their stories. Students are interviewed about what they have learned in Control Theory.

Service Learning: Curriculum, Standards and the Community
(1998) 34 minutes 

One of the fastest growing educational initiatives sweeping our nation�s schools is Service Learning. Service Learning integrates academic curriculum, consistent with higher standards, with a strong character education component. Students learn how to apply their academic skills, while at the same time becoming contributory members of our society.

Winning at Teaching...without beating your kids
100 minutes 

A practical approach to daily classroom challenges. Students can develop self-discipline if treated with respect, given responsibilities and choices and allowed to experience reasonable and realistic consequences for those choices.

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