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Indicator #8:
Changing Perceptions
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Self-Management Skills Books

These books are available for checkout to North Dakota residents only. They are not available for purchase from our site.

How I Learned to Think Things Through
by Lawrence E. Shapiron, Ph.D. 

This book is an engaging book about Emily and her best friend Andrew. Emily and Andrew are impulsive children, and think that no one will really mind if they take candy from the drug store, cheat on their homework or mess up their house. They learn that there are consequences to these kinds of behaviors and to see that "thinking things through" is the best way to win the approval of adults and their other friends.

Journey into the 21st Century
by Reiko Uchida 

This book is a guide for teenagers living through the uncertainties of the 21st century. The world's survival depends upon youths realizing and applying truth in their lives.

Kids Can Cooperate - A Practical Guide to Teaching Problem Solving
by Elizabeth Crary 

This book includes a step-by-step process for helping children negotiate with each other, provides activities to encourage the skills needed to solve problems and offers ways to motivate children to resolve their conflicts themselves. Grade level: PreK-6

Raising Children Who Think for Themselves
by Elisa Medhus, M.D. 

How do you raise empathetic, confident and independent-thinking children? Dr. Medhus proves it's never too late to foster in our children the ability to weigh options, consider sources and think for themselves. Using real-life examples and humorous anecdotes, the book describes five essential qualities of self-directed children and the seven strategies parents can use to foster them.

Raising Self-Reliant Children
by H. Stephen Glenn and Jane Nelsen, Ed.D. 

This important book goes beyond issues of strictness and leniency to show parents how to develop their children's values of accountability and adherence to responsible, internalized standards of behavior. Children will value the presence of these responsible, self-reliant and mature traits in themselves.

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