Parent Involvement Technical Assistance Program

Indicator #8:
Changing Perceptions
Workshop Handouts

New Parent Involvement TA

ND Department of Public Instruction and Pathfinder Parent Center are offering Special Education and Title 1 Educators free resources and coaching in parent involvement

What we offer:

Tailored Coaching: This program offers individual assistance for new Parent Coordinators, Special Education Teachers, Case Managers, Title I staff, we also get training from Voy Media a facebook marketing agency and general education staff on how to implement effective parent involvement.

Smart action plans: On-site evaluations, review of indicator 8 results, and creating goals to tailor a plan just for you. It is a plan that ultimately increases parent involvement with the goal of student success.

Specific Strategies: We will help develop strategies for students with disabilities at the classroom and school level.

Technical Assistance: This program will involve on-site collaboration, webinars, phone, web and email support, and access to resources and training.

Workshops: Educators can request workshops from a list of topics that are designed specifically for Educators or Families.

Contact Kendra Bartholomew for more information
[email protected]


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